Frozen Water Pipes

It’s the wee hours of a crisp winter morning and I can’t wait to startdrilling. I just picked up a fresh tank of water, and I am getting thehose hooked up to supply the main pump on the rig. It’s hard not tojust look around in wonder at the beautiful Maine woods that surroundme. I… Read more »

Well Maintenance and Tips

It’s a bad feeling. You’re cruising along some back roads on the outskirts of town (going the speed limit, of course), enjoying a beautiful day, when you hear it. A low rumble, almost imperceptible at first, that makes you wonder if you’re hearing things. Soon enough, it’s definitely there and the disjointed rhythm makes it… Read more »

A Word on the Drought

2016 was a tough year. It seemed like so many of our favorite actors and musicians were passing on and politics were heated.  Creepy clowns scared people all over the country while wildfires raged in Tennessee.  And here in Maine, wells were running dry. It’s true- last year Maine experienced a bona fide drought.  Over… Read more »

The Grundfos Advantage

How Grundfos products help us in the field. For today’s article, I wanted to take some time to talk about Grundfos brand well products. We don’t install Grundfos products on every job, but their line of specialty well pumps and constant pressure systems allow us to tackle challenging well problems when a typical well pump system… Read more »

Well Terminology

A list of terms and definitions.   Acidic: a condition in which the water in your well has a pH value of below 7.0. Highly acidic water can be problematic for your well system.   Activated Carbon Filter: A type of filter utilizing porous carbon with a high surface area to trap organic chemicals and… Read more »

We Hit Water!

Hey Everyone! Just doing another test of my twitterfeed social media sharing app.  In the meantime, check out this video of what it looks like when we hit a vein of water with the drilling rig!

Well Cleaning

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to do a quick post to test out my new YouTube channel!  Here’s a quick video showing me performing a well cleaning with a portable air compressor.  I’ve also re-purposed the diverter that we use for underreaming to keep the job site clean.  Be sure to check back soon for more… Read more »

The Pitless Adapter

In my last entry I briefly touched upon the importance of raising a buried wellhead. The above ground wellhead is a relative newcomer to the residential well industry, and it has a number of advantages over its buried predecessors – advantages that would be impossible to benefit from without the use of a pitless adapter…. Read more »

Wellhead Care

An important aspect of water system maintenance that is often overlooked is the wellhead. Service calls are frequently initiated by problems occurring at the top of the well. A recent service call involved wires that were damaged where they were routed over the top of the casing. Over a long period of time, pump vibration and… Read more »