Well Drilling

Commercial & Residential Well Drilling Services

Innis Well Drilling, LLC provides commercial & residential well drilling and cleaning services. Located in Penobscot County, we offer our premier services to developers, engineering firms, contractors and other professionals located near us.

Our 40-hour Hazwoper certification and VSWS public water supply operator license gives us a unique ability to solve problems in a variety of areas including:

•Ground water monitoring wells
•Public water supply wells
•Water well rehabilitation

The majority of wells drilled in Maine are fractured bedrock wells, meaning the wells are lined with casing to the bedrock. The cost of drilling a new water well is derived from the amount of casing (20 foot minimum per state regulations) to bedrock, the amount of drilling needed to find water, plus the cost of the drive shoe and the well cap. In some areas, where well drilling is more difficult, we use our underreamer system to drill the casing into bedrock, which requires the use of a more expensive drive shoe called a crown. Our per-foot well drilling prices sometimes change due to the fluctuating cost of casing and other materials.

Well drilling services in Maine